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  1. Sweet. Salty. Sour. I would probably eat like 30 of these. They look so amazing!

    What a bummer that you were all along on NYE! But if you had a plate of these with you, that actually might be a good thing… no sharing :)

  2. The sweet and salty of these little jewels are calling my name. what a great idea! I’m thankful not to be bleary-eyed this morning…I was determined to fit in a New Year’s Day run. :)

  3. I’m sorry that you had to spend NYE alone, but hey, you had these lovely bites all ofr yourself right? That should make up for it ;–) These look amazingly delicious. I want them all. Right now, please. Oh wow, they sound truly addictive!
    Happy New Year! xx

    • I sure did, Thanks! I hope the same for you.
      And, girl, if you like ham and pineapple you gotta try these! You’ll a good way :)

  4. Whoa.. what a clever idea! I love pretty much any sweet + salty combination. Especially in appetizer form :)

    • Amen on spending 10x the amount for a cocktail! I’ll just make it myself. Thanks girl! I hope you and the hubs love ’em as much me and mine did! :)

  5. Sounds delicious. Pig meat is one of my favorites. Got a question though, instead of parchment paper would this work as well using the non stick tin foil.

    • I have actually never heard of non-stick tinfoil. If it’s like the standard tin foil, I wouldn’t try it…I think they would stick and cause the tinfoil to rip with them when you tried to get them out of the pan! If that is the case, just spray the pan with cooking spray really good and omit the parchment or tinfoil! You’ll just need to give your pan a good soaking afterward :) It’ll be worth it!

  6. Hey! These look great. I’m just confirming…you don’t have to cook the bacon beforehand, right? And also, at the store I could only find a hot chili sauce and a sweet chili sauce…is one of those right or did I just completely miss it?

    • Thanks!
      Nope, no need to cook the bacon! Unfortunately those both aren’t right! :( It’s just called “Chili sauce” It’s pretty common. Heinz makes on, walmart makes ones…I hope you can find it!

    • Unfortunately, I really can’t say for sure, as the recipe was not tested any other way. I don’t think so though, I am sorry! Please let me know if you do try something!

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