Air Fryer Salmon Patties


Remove the skin from the salmon, dice the flesh, and add it into a large bowl


Add in avocado, cilantro, curry powder, sea salt and stir until well mixed. Stir in 4 tsp of tapioca starch until well incorporated


Form the salmon into 8, 1/4 cup-sized patties, just over 1/2 inch thick, and place them onto a pan. Freeze for 20 minutes


Pre-heat Air Fryer to 400, rubbing the basket with coconut oil. Whisk 2 eggs and place them into a shallow plate. Place 1/4 cup of Tapioca starch and the coconut flakes in separate shallow plates


Dip each chilled patty into the tapioca starch. Then, dip it into the egg, gently brushing off any excess. Finally, press just the top and sides of the patty into the coconut flakes and place it, coconut flake-side up, into the air fryer.


Gently brush the tops with melted coconut oil and cook until the outside is golden brown and crispy, and the inside is juicy and tender, about 15 minutes.


Garnish with extra cilantro and DEVOUR!

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