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  1. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach in the form of bacon. These would probably cause my boyfriend to squeal with happiness. I don’t eat bacon, but I might have to start after seeing this recipe. I’m sorry that you’re so stressed out. Don’t you wish there was a magic fairy godmother who could put away all of the boxes and stuff? That’d make life a little easier. Have fun at that wedding!!!

    • My hubby most definitely squealed and then ate 4 cupcakes. I think your man will love them 😉 And I think you would too…if you are feeling adventurous!!
      I TOTALLY WISH THAT. Someone needs to invent that! Ha! Thank you Erin!

  2. Woman after my own heart! I love maple and bacon together, and luh-luh-luh-loooooove muffins! Thank you for a delish paleo muff with all my favorite things!

    P.S. I hope the unpacking is going well, m’dear!

  3. Yep, with all that stuff going on I’d say you deserve a few of these cupcakes, my friend! And I totally feel ya on being 2% unpacked. Having just moved across the country, trust me, everything will eventually find a home in your new place! 🙂

    • I totally feel ya! We just did a cross country move in Sept, and it’s so much work! Thank you friend!

  4. Thanks for making that sacrifice for us and testing these yummy cupcakes until you got perfection 😉
    Coconut Joe’s is a fun and quirky little grill and bar in Charleston (it’s right on the beach!) that my family and I enjoy going to; it’s not a 5 star restaurant but after swimming in the ocean, getting all sandy and sunburned, it sure is a nice retreat from the sun!

  5. These look wonderful. I am surprised it doesn’t need at least 4 eggs. Coconut flour is usually 2 eggs per fourth up. I am not fond of coconut flour only.

    • Thanks Charlotte! Coconut flour only needs that many eggs when used alone, not combined with other flours. I dislike it alone too!

  6. Please don’t hate me Taylor, but my veggie heart just doesn’t do bacon. Nothing that had a mama.
    BUT! WAIT!
    I LOVE cooking bacon for my boyfriend because he gets his glazed comatose happy face on when I slide a plate with a few fat strips on it across the breakfast table on the weekend 🙂
    So I just know he is going to love these pancakes and gobble them up with glee, possibly while wearing his bear claw slippers, oh yes, he has those 😉

    • HAHAHA the slippers! TOO MUCH! I will forgive you, because I like you. But I hope your man loves these! Thank you!

    • I actually didn’t expect it to fluffy without powdered sugar, so I was pleasantly surprised! Thank you Sonja!

  7. My shopping cart has never had the opportunity to be graced upon maple bacon’s imminent wonder. Why is this? Have I not been looking in the right places? These little cupcake wonders are a calling and I want to substitute but what are my other options. This one will be smack on the refrigerator for a while.

    • WHAT?!?!!? You need to get yo’self some bacon Connie!
      There really are no replacements. You need the bacon!

  8. Maple and bacon together is always a good idea! AND gluten free…perfect! Pinned!

  9. You made these for me right? (Ok so I am not as stressed as you are nor am I moving houses nor do I have to fly across the country for a wedding – but, I did go meat free for lent – and these are perfect to help ease me back into the land of bacon – oh wait…there are other meats …

    • YES, I did make these for you because you deserve some bacon after going without!
      There is no other meat girl 😉 Thank ya!

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