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    • Thank you so much Gayle!
      Totally not bad at all…fruit is totally acceptable for breakfast 😉
      Happy Wednesday!

    • Thank you so much Melanie, definitely a good way to celebrate the day!
      You too pretty lady! :)

  1. 1. These photos are GORGEOUS.
    2. I’ve been obsessed with burgers lately, which is weird because I eat meat about once every three months. BUT YUM BURGERS MEAT YES.
    3. I seriously need to try this whole pineapple on burgers thing!

    • 1. Really? I wasn’t happy with them! Haha!
      2. I LOVE MEAT. I actually didn’t really like burgers, but recently have become obsessed.
      3. YES! Grilled pineapple is seriously amazing!
      Thanks Faith! :)

  2. I need to sign up for some sort of National Food Holiday newsletter, because I always miss these fantastic days! Your burger is looking amazing, lady! When I read “bison” on your ingredient list, I started making full-on bison noises….whatever that sounds like. 😉 I LOVE bison and ham and pineapple and I LOVE that it’s National Burger Day!!

    • So I am TOTALLY going to email you the holiday list RIGHT NOW! :)
      Aaaand now I am totally picturing you making bison noises, and now I’m doing it too! Bison tastes sooo good!
      Thanks lovely lady!

  3. I’m inspired!!! I’ve never tried bison before, how’s it different from beef? I am not sure if I can find it around here but I am gonna try it if I do!

    • It tastes practically the same (I like it a bit better!) BUT it’s WAY higher in protein and WAY lower in fat! Such a win! I actually found mine at Costco! Thanks Addie, please let me know if you try it – it’s such a great alternative to ground beef…albeit, a little pricier :)

  4. These are not only “hubberoni” approved but they are also “daddio” approved!! Even your dad chose to make your version of his favorite burger and now wants to have them whenever people come over!! I would say that makes this a total WINNER!!! :)

  5. Yum, I love Hawaiian burgers! I also love that you put oats in the patties, never thought of that but it sounds like a great alternative to breadcrumbs.

    • That’s so funny, so many people are commenting on the oats and I thought everyone did that! Haha! Thank you Agos! :)

  6. Mine = BLOWN!! These hamburgers are freaking genius! I want/need them either for lunch or dinner today. Possibly even as a 2nd breakfast. And yes, my tastebuds fell off my head probably the second I saw that first gorgeous photo. 😀 Pinned!

    • DO IT! How about lunch and dinner? haha! I am glad you like them Sarah…thanks for the love and pinning! 😀

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