Hash recipe with Zucchini, Chicken sausage, and Goat Cheese {Super Simple, High Protein, Low Carb, Gluten Free}

This hash recipe is quick, easy and healthy! Zucchini and onions are used in place of potatoes and goat cheese adds some major creaminess! Goat Cheese, Zucchini and Chicken Sausage Hash -  Creamy, healthy and SO amazing! | Food Faith Fitness| #glutenfree #hash #recipe Do you ever go to restaurants, order delicious yummies (redundancy FTW) and then try to re-create them at home…


Well, today I am bringing you a life changing lesson that will…well…change your life. So, I don’t get a gold star for originality. Whatever. Focus Taylor. Goat Cheese, Zucchini and Chicken Sausage Hash -  Creamy, healthy and SO amazing! | Food Faith Fitness| #glutenfree #hash #recipe You know the way to solve the dilemma?

Don’t order that delicious yummy at the restaurant.

I see you peering at me quizzically (fun word.) Let me ‘splain.

The other day when we ate Enchiladas, I told you about how I ordered off the “healthy menu” at a new restaurant, was totally let down, and should have ordered what I wanted.

Well, this hash was what I wanted.

I read the list of “stuff that you’re gonna eat if you order this” (or the “description” if you want to speak in less fun terms) and it sounded SO GOOD.

Then I got the Egg White Power Wrap. Goat Cheese, Zucchini and Chicken Sausage Hash -  Creamy, healthy and SO amazing! | Food Faith Fitness| #glutenfree #hash #recipe

I THOUGHT it might be promising since I love the Panera Hummus Power Salad.

But, in this case, they used power as some sort of trickery to lure me into a false sense of security. You may think I am being over-dramatic.

And, I am.

But, what else is new.

I was still dreaming of that hash. Goat Cheese, Zucchini and Chicken Sausage Hash -  Creamy, healthy and SO amazing! | Food Faith Fitness| #glutenfree #hash #recipe So, I just made it at home.

And, you know what? It was about eleventy billion times better (and healthier!) than the restaurant version.

How do I know this, you ask? I don’t.

Because I didn’t eat it.

SO, I can tell myself that mine is the bestest, without being let down. YOU SEE MY POINT?

Goat Cheese, Zucchini and Chicken Sausage Hash -  Creamy, healthy and SO amazing! | Food Faith Fitness| #glutenfree #hash #recipe Brilliant right?

Rhetorical question. Do not answer it.

Yes, this hash isn’t the most traditional because it is missing the main ingredient of a hash: potatoes.

But, since there is zucchini and goat cheese (side note: Remember the zucchini and goat cheese avocados? Best.Combo.Ever) you don’t need potatoes.

Using goat cheese in a hash makes it ca-ray-zay creamy you guys. Combine that with a runny yolk and some chicken sausage (I <3 Johnsonville Three Cheese Italian Style!) and you have pure love.

On a fork. That you can eat. Goat Cheese, Zucchini and Chicken Sausage Hash -  Creamy, healthy and SO amazing! | Food Faith Fitness| #glutenfree #hash #recipe I’m starting to type really fast which means

  1. I’m basically re-eating this recipe in my head…and it’s GOOOOD.
  2. I’m about to start making even less sense.

So, let’s eat hash for all the evers.

And pretend that we make way better food than restaurants.

You in? Goat Cheese, Zucchini and Chicken Sausage Hash -  Creamy, healthy and SO amazing! | Food Faith Fitness| #glutenfree #hash #recipe I’m sharing this hash recipe over at WholeYum today, so head over there to grab the Hash Recipe!

This is not a sponsored post, but thanks to Johnsonville for providing me with some yummy sausage!


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  1. says

    hahaha yessssss I totally agree with you!!!! This can certainly not beat the restaurant kind because this is just amazingly healthy and soooooo incredibly delish! Zucchini, goats cheese and runny yolk! oh wait, there’s sausage too! Gosh! I am ALREADY DROOOOOOOLING! <3

    • Taylor Kiser says

      Haha! Samina, I think that we have the exact same taste buds ;) Glad you approve of the potato-less hash! Thanks girlfriend :D

  2. says

    I love hashes, especially ones with goat cheese! I also love that you reeat the blog recipes in your head when you type about them. so glad it’s not just me! By the time I post something, I’m ready to eat it all over again.

    • Taylor Kiser says

      Haha and I am glad that it’s not just me….yay for re-eating! Isn’t it sad that we always have to recreate new recipes and can never actually re-eat the delicious ones we create?!
      Thanks Bri!

  3. Katherine says

    I can’t WAIT to try this. I’m thinking it will be a great dinner for tonight, I have everything I need (just bought some amazing zucchini at the farmer’s market yesterday), minus the chicken sausage, so I think I’ll just make a delicious vegetarian version of this.

    • Taylor Kiser says

      It would be just as yummy without the sausage!! I hope that you love it! Please let me know if you try it! Thanks Katherine! :D

  4. says

    Oh yes! I’ve tried before.
    Loving everything with zucchini. Just harvested my first from the garden this week. I know it’s late but um….we had a bit of a rabbit problem.
    But I’m a happy girl now. We love zucchini.
    This looks so tasty!
    Have an awesome Wednesday!

    • Taylor Kiser says

      I am so jealous you have zucchini in your garden! I would LOVE that! Too bad about the rabbits though!
      Thanks Melanie! Have a great day!

  5. says

    First of all, goat cheese…YUM! I will make this dish just because of that alone. Second of all..the rest of it looks just as awesome! Loving the idea of re-creating a meal I never even had, then I know mine will be the best! Right? Genius.

    • Taylor Kiser says

      Haha I like your opinion on goat cheese, it’s my fav!
      Glad you agree on the meal re-creatage Serene! ;) THanks girl!

  6. says

    This definitely looks like better hash than a restaurant! I’m glad you made this on your own because I am drooling over this, Taylor! Your eggs look perfect, and I love your mini skillet! And what a great way to sneak in some zucchini, too!

  7. says

    I am thinking “eleventy billion” needs to make it’s way into the dictionary just like “selfie” did! :)
    Zucchini, chicken sausage, garlic, onions and egg -with balsamic are a BRILLIANT combination indeed (am gonna have to skip out on those cheeses because they tend to make my stomach skip) – I bet your version is way better than the one at the restaurant – just saying!

    • Taylor Kiser says

      Haha yes! Lets write Webster! ;)
      And thanks for making me feel awesome that my version is better ;) You always make my day lady! xoxo

  8. says

    I love your logic! I do enjoy getting inspiration from restaurants menus, but sometimes it just can’t be as good as the original. I’m going to have to try your strategy and just order something different than what I think I want, so my version will be the best!

    • Taylor Kiser says

      Thank you so much Derek! :D
      I think it is, as I think protein is really important and people don’t eat enough! However, I guess it’s up to your own opinion!

        • Taylor Kiser says

          After training with a top fitness coach, I learned that many people are not getting the required 1g of protein/lb of body weight. Like I said, it’s a matter of an opinion – I don’t want to get into an argument :)

          • says

            No argument here – just the Socratic way of seeking to know the truth (not opinion) by always questioning our assumptions and received wisdom. (The unexamined life is not worth living.) In case you are interested, I found some sources discussing protein intake recommendations and outcomes.

            Here is a study I read and posted on recently:
            Cell Metab. 2014 Mar 4;19(3):407-17.
            Low protein intake is associated with a major reduction in IGF-1, cancer, and overall mortality in the 65 and younger but not older population.
            Levine ME

            This one is on acute effects of protein intake, though I only read the abstract:
            Int J Vitam Nutr Res. 2011 Mar;81
            Role of dietary proteins in sports.
            Colombani PC, Mettler S.

            This one compares acute and chronic protein intakes, though I only read the abstract:
            Br J Nutr. 2012 Aug;108
            Dietary protein requirements and adaptive advantages in athletes.
            Phillips SM.
            If you learn anything from these, or other sources you find on the topic, please let me know! All the best,

  9. says

    I had the same problem a few weeks ago! I really wanted to order the poached egg, avocado and GF toast combo again, but I thought I’d branch out and get the ‘Antioxidant Power Salad’ – no. NO.
    Power is a work that they use to draw us in and then they just let us down. There should be regulations on that or something…
    Love the hash idea. I’m going to swap the sausages for some chickpeas though, cos us Veggos are like that ;)

    • Taylor Kiser says

      Haha! yes at a “power” regulation! I have learned to not branch out again ;)
      Thanks Amy! I think chickpeas would be yum too ;)

  10. says

    Gahh! Yes! It’s zucchini season and I have a ton of zucchini out in my garden just waiting to be thrown into this gorgeous hash. This looks seriously yum, Taylor! I just finished eating my breakfast but suddenly I’m hungry again. That egg looks like perfection and I ove love all the goat cheese on top!

    • Taylor Kiser says

      This is totally up your alley Sarah, eggs and goat cheese is yum! Thanks so much! :D

  11. says

    Haha well, I say you should just order whatever you want at a restaurant anyway…but DEFINITELY go home and try to recreate it! This hash sounds like a total win to me! Especially since I have an ungodly amount of zucchini in my fridge. Also, goat cheese. YUM.

    • Taylor Kiser says

      I am starting to believe you’re right about ordering what ya want, I’ll go with that next time!
      Give me some of your zuccs? I LOVE.
      Thanks friend! xoxo

    • Taylor Kiser says

      Right?! I think I could it on everything! And runny eggs? That’s life right there.
      Thanks lady! I hope you have a great weekend!

  12. says

    I’m in love with your idea! (and I have discovered that most of the time, the food I make at home IS better than the restaurants anyway) … and this hash looks fabulous. Except I would want potatoes in there too. I’m going to the kitchen to make me some hash for breakfast, like right now. ;)

    • Taylor Kiser says

      Yes, it is better isn’ it?!
      Haha, I like the way you think! Let me know how it goes, potatoes or not ;)

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