This and That from Canada…eh?



Yo yo yo peeps!

As you know, I was in Canada last week to visit mi familia after 5 months! You guys, it was crazy nice to see them! Prior to moving to Florida, the longest I had ever gone without seeing my parental units was about 2 weeks, I think….crazy right?

Needless to say, 5 months felt very, very long!

Although, I must say, I like the weather here in Florida a WHOLE lot better!  And the palm trees. And the flamingos.

I think my family should just move here…agree?  Good.

I just wanted to share a few pictures from the trip. I was there for my cousin’s wedding, and that was the only time that anyone took pictures so I am sorry that they are all kind of similar…and they’re all just of my family. And they’re pulled from Facebook…so excuse the quality.

Butttt….here’s a few of the FFF clan! xo

Canada Trip - Food Faith Fitness

These are my parental units pretending to be proper.

Canada Trip - Food Faith Fitness

This is what they really act like.  Which is why I <3 them so.

Canada Trip - Food Faith Fitness

This is my TWIN (yes, I know we look nothing alike!) brother and his awesome girlfriend Bethany.  People always think that my brother is my significant other and my husband is my brother. It’s gross.

Canada Trip - Food Faith Fitness

This is my cousin/the maid of honour and my aunt. I did the makeup for the bridal party. Fun fact: I’m actually a professionally trained Makeup Artist. I went to school for it after High School.

Canada Trip - Food Faith Fitness

Left to right: Mr. FFF, My brother, My brothers best friend since we were 12, so practically my brother.  They decided to end the night with a little interpretative napkin dance.

Canada Trip - Food Faith Fitness

Last but not least…Mr. FFF (his real name is Caleb) and I…pretending to be normal.

Canada Trip - Food Faith Fitness

And, like my parental units, this is the real FFF couple.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a little bit of my life! See ya tomorrow!


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  1. says


    I just stumbled on your website as I was perusing other blogs. The word faith is what attracted me to your site….I love love love how your not ashamed of being a Christian! And you’re obviously an overachiever because you are posting on blogs at 6 a.m. =) I too love Jesus and make Him the center of my life. My blog is probably a little different slant than yours, with a gardening type focus, but it’s always cool to connect with other people. Check it out sometime! If you like what you see, maybe you could “like” it on FB and spread to any of your gardening friends. My sister is in D.C. and her crowd might be a good fit for your blog…will spread the word! Love connecting with other believers.

    • Taylor Kiser says

      Haha ya..I wake up way to early! But thank you so much for the sweet words!
      I’m a terrible gardener, but I have been meaning to learn, so I’ll check it out! :)
      Thanks for spreading the word Laura!!

  2. says

    This is such a fun post, Taylor! Florida is definitely a long way from home but the weather is a plus. You need to convince your family to move here like I did. I convinced my parents and my sister to move to Florida from Connecticut and they do not miss the cold or snow at all!

    • Taylor Kiser says

      I am trying to convince them! It’s just hard with the whole immigration thing!
      I didn’t know you lived in Florida!

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