BlogHer Food 2014 Recap

Yo yo peepsies!


I know this is like 1 billion years too late, and you’ve probably read ALL about BlogHer Food on other blogs…but remember these Grilled Cheese Sandwiches? I’m just being fashionably late…again.

So, let’s talk about the conference first, and then let’s chat about Miami ok? Lovely.

The conference:

I had a BLAST! I got to meet so many blogger friends that I talk to on the intrawebz, and it was SUPA cool to actually be able to put a face and personality to the person that I am talking to! At first it was a little awkward, because we’ve really only seen 1 teeny tiny picture of each other, so it can be hard to recognize who is who! I definitely had my fair share of OH MY GOSH I AM SO SORRY, I COMMENT ON YOUR BLOG EVERYDAY AND I DIDN’T RECOGNIZE YOU *facepalm.*  Oh well, we were all in the same boat.


We got SO MUCH swag! I’ll be eating FOREVER




I danced with the Lactaid Cow. He showed me up.


I Cheesed around with Babybel. Get it? Cheesed. Just laugh.


More fun with daisy the cow! Did you know cows have their own nutritionists? I did not!

The workshops – I honestly did not spend a ton of time in the workshops, as I really wanted to meet other bloggers/sponsors in the exhibit hall. I did sit on a few about Facebook, Pinterest and one on cooking allergy free! Those were pretty neat and I enjoyed them!


The learning to cook allergy free demo!

The Food – Well, it was a food conference, so it ROCKED! I seriously need to bring clothes a size bigger than normal. I started the first day with BAILEYS®  Sweet Cream Vanilla Coffee Cake for breakfast. SUCH A WIN! McCormick provided us an AMAZING lunch with lots of Middle Eastern flavors – my fav!


We had this Salmon Tostada at the McCormick Party. It knocked my mouth off my face fo’ realz.


We had the BEST chef making/demoing food for us!


Overlooking the ocean at the McCormick Event…and I had the MOST AMAZING spicy cashew did ever. If it wasn’t so fancy I would have face planted right into the bowl. Oh, and hibiscus champagne…because, yum.


SUCH a beautiful party!


That is only like 1/10000 of the spread at one of the events. SO MUCH AMAZING.

Mr. FFF was also able to attend some fun after parties with me, so it was so nice to have him experience some of the conference, and meet some of my friends! The after parties were GREAT and also filled with awesome food and drinks! OH and I got to the meet The Pioneer Woman.  SO COOL.

All in all, it was a great conference and I am SUPER excited about the new relationships I was able to make.


I look drunk. I am not. It’s just proof that I met The Pioneer Woman!


The huberoni got to come to the McCormick event! :)

A little bit about Miami: We stayed a few extra days, just to have a little vacation together. After working long days with the job that I had and this blog, I needed some time off.  Miami was absolutely gorgeous – the water, the beaches..everything! We were able to go on THE BEST culinary walking tour ever. Seriously, you need to go on it if you visit Miami, we got SO much food. I’ll share more about that later!


We went to the most amazing candy store! Yes, those are CHOCOLATE BAR FLAVORS! Once I detox from all the food, I am SO pumped to eat them! I mean, birthday cake chocolate bar? YES.


We tried Guava pastry so we could eat what the cool kids eat. Yum.


I just thought that this was a weird pairing for a restaurant. Right?

At first we loved Miami and wanted to move there ASAP. But, after 1 day, it got old.  There is A LOT of scantily clad people and A LOT of partying and materialism. I love shopping and going out on dates as much as the next girl, but it got old really fast and was just not our “scene.” I much prefer our quiet little Friday nights in front of The Food Network.  In fact, on the last night, we just sat on the beach in the evening while it was deserted, and talked. It was the highlight of my whole weekend guys.  Maybe I’m lame.


Overlooking the bay at night. Hi pretty.


The first stop on our Culinary Tour! About to eat some Peruvian food!


Versace’s house.  Nice right?

But, at least we got to spend some time in a gorgeous location…but it’s super nice to be home and back to real life!




This looks a lot like the part of Florida I live, but I wanted to show you! :)

Well, that’s a quick run-down.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures and are ready to eat some mo’ food tomorrow!

Oh and it’s your last chance to fill out the Food Faith Fitness Reader Survey! Please help me make this place better for YOU! :)

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  1. Shashi @ RunninSrilankan says

    You are so NOT lame!!! Materialism get’s old quick for me too – even though I love meeting new people – specially “blends” – I would much rather a quiet walk or face planting into delicious food in front of the telly!!
    I have been waiting for your recap – I have only read one other recap and so enjoyed seeing Blogher Food through your eyes! Cannot wait to read your post on the swag! And Baileys Creamers Cake for breakfast??? Oh heaven – GAH I so wish I had made it!!!

    • Taylor Kiser says

      Ok, dumb question. I have always wondered what “blends” is? Blog friends?
      I am SO glad that you don’t think I’m lame lady! Thank you :)
      Next year you must come and we can eat cake for breakfast together!! 😀

  2. says

    That is the worst part – the “I know I know you but I’m embarrassed because I can’t place you right now and I feel like an idiot.” But you’re right, we are all in the same boat there! :) It was great to finally meet you!!

  3. says

    So much amazing-ness!! It sounds like BH food was a dream vacay and you look like you had so much fun! And I’m totally jealous that you got to meet Ree of Pioneer Woman! I would’ve died of excitement right there. LOL! 😀

    • Taylor Kiser says

      We had a blast! Haha I ALMOST did, but I didn’t wanna be the only girl that dies at BHF ya know? 😉

    • Taylor Kiser says

      Haha thank you! I actually hate my hair…but who doesn’t hate their hair! It was a blast, next year you should come Bianca! 😀

  4. says

    It was a fun place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there. So much great food, though! Glad you went on the South Beach Food Tour! I loved Bolivar–did they give you the beef and sweet potato empanada? I’ve been dreaming of them ever since!

    • Taylor Kiser says

      Bolivar was our yummy! And yes we got the empanada, OMG SO GOOD! And the ceviche. I’m still dreaming about ALL the food! My fav was actually the pizza pockets, if you had those! 😀

  5. says

    I am so sorry I wasn’t able to meet you in Miami- next year it’s a date OK? I was able to bring my hubby this year as well, we could have had a double date- next year I think it is going to be on the West Coast so doubt he will go with me. I think you said you live in Florida and if so, you should check out FLBlogCon which is in Orlando in September. It’s smaller than BlogHerFood but it is still a pretty good size. I’ve been the last few years and have had a blast.

    • Taylor Kiser says

      Oh definitely! That would be so much fun! I haven’t hear of FL BlogCon, but Orlando is super close to me so I will! Thank you so much Anna-Marie!

  6. says

    It was fabulous to meet you, Taylor…and your sweet hubby! I agree…I like being back home A LOT! But the brief time in Miami was a blast.

    • Taylor Kiser says

      Thank you – and back at ya pretty lady!
      I do agree, it was fun while it lasted! But, nice to be back into real, daily life! :)

  7. Shira G says

    I could not agree with you more about your feelings regarding Miami. I’ve been there three times – last time two years ago and stayed at the Fountainebleau Hotel. We are New Yorkers through and through and even that was too much for us. Face full of makeup wearing stilletos at 9 a.m. around the pool- no thanks! Way too “scene-y” for us! Miami, New York, LA, Las Vegas- those are all great places to visit but certianly not to live. Home is serenity. We live on Long Island- on the beach, close enough to the city to get our fix every now and then but far enough to be able to be ourselves. No partying over here either. Glad we’re on the same page sista! And super glad you had fun because that’s what it’s all about :)

    • Taylor Kiser says

      I KNOW! Stilettos at ANY time is death, let alone 9am! Sounds like you live in a perfect location, and I’m so happy to see that others have their head on straight! :) Happy Tuesday girl!

  8. says

    Looks like you had a great time! So excited that you got to meet the Pioneer Woman – and a little jealous too…
    I can’t wait to visit Miami one day, and maybe get to a food blogger event – they are few and far between here in Aus :)

    • Taylor Kiser says

      I sure did!
      It would definitely be fun for you! BUT, living in Aus sounds pretty awesome – I would love to go there! :)

  9. says

    Sorry I’m so super late on this post, all creepy like. I was just Googling recaps for BlogHer Food Conferences because my husband convinced me to sign up since it’s right here in Chicago this year. And so I sort of just did and then instantly freaked and started searching for people’s experiences; and yours was one that popped up! So I had to click and see how you liked it. I love your photos (oh my goodness… THE Pioneer Woman?! She’s my hero!) and you look like you had such a fun time! Also, I agree wholeheartedly about the whole wanting to just be comfy and watch Food Network on a Friday night in rather than go out and partake in “fright night” 😉
    Thanks for the post, Taylor!

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